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Charlottesville: Where two worlds collided in 2017. R.I.P Heather Heyer

As we approach the end of the year, we always ask ourselves bewilderldely ‘where did the year go?’ ‘I must have been so busy that the year flashed past me’. But not only were we busy, others with an agenda were also busy causing havoc, death, fear and insecurity. That’s right, the extreme far right […]

Inequality​ is a threat to modernity​

Inequality has given rise to nationalism, far right extremism, anti-globalism, anti-migration, anti-Islam.   After the collapse of communism, enlightenment ideals such as democracy, equality, freedom of speech, secularism, humanism, the separation of state and religion (to some extent) gained popularity. However, these ideas of a free and fairer society, might have been popular but they were not […]

What to do when you hit 40. 2: Keep it fresh by having an Instagram Account.

For some by the time they have reached 40, they have a more holistic understanding of their position in this chaotic complex social world. However, for some, like me, we are still in that coming of age, late teenage period, where we are attempting to understand how the world works. Some of us, like myself, still […]