Multiculturalism has let down British Muslims

Previous British prime minister David Cameron to current German prime minister Angela Merkel, have all declared in some form or another that multiculturalism as we know it, is dead! Multiculturalism or better known in sociology as ethnic pluralism, has failed. In an attempt to celebrate differences, multiculturalism has led to social segregation. It has led […]

Jihadism and Islamism

Islamism– is the desire to impose any given versions of Islam on society. Jihadism– is the means of the use of force to spread Islamism. Thus Islamism is the ideology and jihadism is the forcible method used by Al-Qaeda or ISIS. But not every Islamist is a jihadist. It’s not that ISIS is Islam. But you can’t also […]

Mehdi Hasan tries to destroy Pinker on Al-Jazeera

Originally posted on Why Evolution Is True:
I’ve been reading Steve Pinker’s new book, Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, at the same time reading the many reviews of this book. While a few reviews have been positive, most are negative, often very negative. (These don’t seem to have hurt the book’s huge sales.)  And…

What to do when you hit 40. Midlife crises is a game changer

Midlife crises results in having sometimes a severe socio-psychological impact on those who have reached 40 and beyond. The crises is not always negative, it can be a positive transformative power, a game changer. The self doubt period can help to rejuvenate new energy and motivation, not seen since the late teens and your twenties. This is how […]