One God and so many religions?

How come there are so many religions in the world?

Have you ever wondered or perhaps have or haven’t told anyone, because you may fear being labelled as an unbeliever of your religion, that why are there so many religions in the world? If my religion is the ONE true religion, so why did God make other religions?

At the time of writing there was 4,200 religions in 2018 in the world. If there is one God, why did God say different things to different people?

What is the true religion?

Maybe God speaks the same truth to everyone, but is interpreted differently. This interpretation may be conditioned by space and time, and the social and cultural conditions of the time. Did you know that there have been 320 million Gods that humans have worshipped from early recorded human culture to this present day? It’s not that there are many Gods, it’s just that God has different meanings to different people. The message is constantly the same e.g. love, harmony, equality…It’s commonality is that people think their religion is the chosen one, the perfect one.

The common theme of any religion is the shared concept of God. The image of God can be depicted as being male/female, as a kind of mammal, reptile, an infusion of a human and an animal, a planet or star… Personal characteristics of God have contradictory features such as love and hate, merciful and unforgiving, omniscient and all forgiving to those who don’t believe.

Questions do arise from this problematic state:

1: Does God have a multiple personality disorder?

2: How could God be so many different things to all at once?

3: How could God be contradictory at the same time?

Even after these questions you may ask are all the religions wrong or false? Or maybe mine is right. It’s probably not surprising then when other believers of other faiths believe that their religion is only the right one. What about those who do not believe in a god are they condemned eternally? If everyone points out that there religions is correct then why didn’t God make it so clear that only one religion is correct and it is that solely needs to be obeyed.

Which is the true religion?

Some would point out that God didn’t make all those religions, people did. Religion is self man-made construct to give meaning to our existence, our journey in this life, and to promote and maintain social order.

Surely didn’t god talk to those prophets and write all those books for all religions? Surely god spoke to many prophets, saints, priests, over history. Or did he? The listener could have been suffering from mental health, or as psychologists point out, humans in their waking day interpret so much around them, which gets transmitted into different messages when asleep/ awake.

Let’s take the word example ‘I LOVE YOU’. This would have the same meaning you might think for everyone. But in actual fact if the phrase was to be heard by a parent, lover, friend, child, it would mean different things. Therefore if God said the same thing to all people, each one of them would hear it differently and this difference would be interpreted by a particular cultural experience and belief. So it could be argued that God maintains the same message but it is the listener how she/he interprets it.

My religion is the best!

These claims have no truth in them. God is not concerned about which religion is better than other religions, he is more concerned about how each religion brings people closer to god and how they live with other human beings. All the monolithic religions and their sacred text Bible, Quran, Torah… all assert, that they must believe in their prophets and their messages, for anyone who stray away from the message or does not believe, God will be angry and will rant his anger by punishing the individual in the after life. So is God ignorant. Narrow minded or broad-minded? Does God only protect the believers or does he provide shelter for all. God knows.

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