“Dina, that’s not a hijab”

The agency not to wear the hijab


There has been a rise in Muslim fashion bloggers removing their hijab recently and the Muslim community is having none of it.

Simply take a look at Dina Tokio’s comments on YouTube and Instagram. The constant barrage of hate she is receiving for displaying a few strands of hair or, as seen in her earlier videos, comments around how she wrapped her scarf.

I wore a hijab since I was in primary school and thought it was the norm and anybody who didn’t wear it wasn’t a Muslim. I see this in my 9 year old sister now who constantly questions if I follow Islam because I don’t wear a hijab. I remember in Islamic school I told a teacher that a girl who was probably 9 wasn’t wearing her hijab because to me it was seen as a big taboo.

This was my frame of mind till I attended…

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