Free Speech is not Hate Speech

freedom-of-speech-megaphoneThe culture wars have been heating up in the last few years. There is no outright winner, it’s an ongoing feud. There are fatalities on both sides, left and right. What is surprising is that the victim, as in most cases, is not a member of a minority group, instead it is in the western hemisphere, as being white, working class and middle class to some extent, that are concerned about their ontological security in a globalised world. These voices feel that they have gagged for too long by the mainstream culture and media.

The so-called resurrection of the right portray themselves as the victims of political correctness, victims as being a native of the country in which they feel as second class citizens. in recent times names such as the Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg has gained popularity for speaking his mind. Other names maybe more familiar such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson, Stephan Molyneux…have taken a right-wing position in attempting to preserve white western culture.

The culture war, is often seen as the battle over free speech, there maybe real conservatives who would like to open the space for their voices to be heard, as being really concerned about the rapid pace of change within their own country. However, there are others like Richard Spencer, the extreme right of the political spectrum, who also speaks about political correctness gone mad, and who would advocate some type white ethno state. And then there are others as the left, such as the student Halima Hussein, who protested against the Winston Churchill themed café in North London, because she saw Churchill as a white supremacist killer.

This is all free speech either you’re a Richard Spencer, or a Donald Trump, or Halima Hussein, both have used free speech to promote awareness of their cause. But at the same time, most would argue that they have used free speech to express racism or attack the mainstream culture. Free speech to express racism or attack the mainstream culture. Free speech must not be abused it should be valued to take into consideration of all and it shouldn’t be the expression of power.


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