Multiculturalism has let down British Muslims

Previous British prime minister David Cameron to current German prime minister Angela Merkel, have all declared in some form or another that multiculturalism as we know it, is dead!

Multiculturalism or better known in sociology as ethnic pluralism, has failed. In an attempt to celebrate differences, multiculturalism has led to social segregation. It has led to certain communities, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities to live in some enclosed social territorial enclaves, a culture within a culture. The implementaion of multiculturalist policies on a national level by the New Labour government of the 1990s has also led to a number of social failures within the muslim communities;

Prison: one of the important social indicators of failure, points out that where 5% of the UK population are muslim, there is an over representation of those muslims in the UK prison standing at 14.4% (Dec 2016). There has been an increase in prison population in the last decade which has gone up by 20% on national level, however, the rise in muslim population went up by 120%!!!

EmploymentBritish muslims are unemployed at at rate more than the double the general population. The UK unemployment rate is 5%, however, the rate for muslims is 12.8%, and 65% of them are British women. It’s not that the employers are unwilling to employ British muslim women, 75% of them would be happy to employ muslims. As Maajid Nawaaz, head of the Quilliam Counter Extremism think tank, points out that there seems to be a triple paralysis when it comes to British muslim women. These women are stigmatised beacuse they are either 1: Muslim 2: Female or from a 3: Ethnic minority. They are the most diadvantaged group in society, as reported by the ‘Womens Inequality Parliamentary Committee‘. 35% of all British women betweeen 16-65 are unemployed compared to 69% of the women in the general population.

Education:  Only 24% of Brtish muslims reach a qualification level 4 or above compared to British Hindus 45%, Sikhs 30%. Yet gain it’s a major failure for Brtish muslims.

Multiculturalism has’t changed religious views of British muslims on social issues such as homosexuality, where there was an ICM report in 2016, which pointed out that 52% would ban homosexuality. In another poll in 2007, 36% of British muslims said that apostates should be killed. In a 2015 poll, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, found that a 1/4 of British muslims had sympathy with the cartoon attacker.

These social indicators point out there is a major problem with the multicultural approach. We, as a nation, without being called a racist, islamophobic, bigot, need to talk about this. Political correctness, an eblem of multiculturalism, has failed those who care about their community, society and country. Political correctness for far long has brushed aside social problems within society under the carpet, these problems need to be scrutinised, criticised and reformed without the left calling anyone racist or anti muslim.

As Maajid Nawaaz points out, what we need instead of multiculturalism is an omniculture. Omniculture places emphasis not on differences but what we all have in common. That commonality can be taught in early stages of the education process, focusing on nationalism and one sole national identity. But to talk about an alternative approach to multiculturalism, we first as a nation have to accept multiculturalism is dead!

Ref: (Maajid Nawaaz says Multiculturalism is Dead (LBC)


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