What to do when you hit 40. Midlife crises is a game changer

Midlife crises results in having sometimes a severe socio-psychological impact on those who have reached 40 and beyond. The crises is not always negative, it can be a positive transformative power, a game changer. The self doubt period can help to rejuvenate new energy and motivation, not seen since the late teens and your twenties. This is how i feel at this moment. In your 40s, some become aware that life is giving another chance to them. A chance to become someone else. An improved model from the last. A suppressed free spirit that has been caged inside a body since tying the knot and having children, which is now banging the chains of steel, begging it to be released.


Instead of remembering the past, and reminiscing how good the days were or how i could have done things better. One should acknowledge that now is the present which is of the most importance. And you should use the present to savour the moment to decide  what you want to do in the future. Do all the things that you always wanted to do e.g. breakdancing, getting a tattoo, starting a YouTube channel…

Think of things that you want to do that will stimulate your brain, that will bring that shiver of excitement. Do something daring e.g. parachuting, do something that will bring you long-term benefits e.g. going to the gym. So don’t just sit there and think it about it for too long, get your ass up and move!!! As Nike would say ‘Jus do it’


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