Happy New Year. Do the shit that matters​ in 2018

IMG_01822017 came and went. You might be asking where the hell did it go? In this complex post-capitalism society, we are so wrapped up in our everyday life that we tend to lose track of time, which can not only result in loss of contact with our loved ones or friends but there is the sacrifice of things that you wanted to do which was in your New Years resolution basket. Here are the things that matter to me that I want to do in 2018:

1: Get your ass up and move! For god-sake go to the bloody gym. Stop wasting your time looking at your Instagram feed that shows boys and girls with their streamlined sculptured muscle toned tanned inked bodies, move your lazy ass and do it for yourself. 2018 should be all about the diet and workout.

2: Have positive family and friends around you. Don’t keep company that can stall your thoughts and actions. Have people around you that can advise you, inspire you, support you, and more importantly that unconditionally love you.

3: Help to contribute to the progress of a liberal democracy.  This not for everyone. This to do is a personal battle for me. Inspired by the co-founder of Quilliam International (a think tank that promotes secular liberal values and helps to fight Islamic radicalization) Maajid Nawaaz, I have also taken to task to lend my time and energy to stop the spread of hate, either it be the neo-nazis or the hard conservative Wahabis, I feel there is no place in our society for any type of this hate and narrow-mindedness.

These are just some of the new year resolutions that I expect myself to fulfil. I can go on to list more to do’s, but I should remind you that new resolutions require time, money and energy. So, therefore, you should only focus on what is important to you. Anyway, happy new year.

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