What to do when you hit 40. 4: Mo Money does not mean more happiness​​

By the time you hit 40, you may have just realised, and I mean ‘really’ for the first time opened your eyes and acknowledged that you cannot win this rat race. Money cannot be tamed nor is it anyone’s friend for life. Somehow there never seems to be enough money that can make life easy for the individual or his family. Furthermore, there is never enough money that will bring you long-term happiness. Let me elaborate on this stance.

Regardless of your background and your current socio-economic position in the social strata, everyone needs money to buy, for example, a personal luxury item,  a smart phone, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia… or to buy a car, Audi, Mercedes, Vauxhall…Have you noticed weeks or days prior to the purchase you are full of energy, there’s a bounce in your step, you tend to do things that you haven’t done for quiet a while, e.g. go to church or the mosque frequently, contact your friends or family members that you haven’t spoken to for quiet a while, spend time with your loved ones, speak in a philosophical way teaching others of life’s ethics and values, that life is great and its great if you want to make it great. So yeah you tend to act like a kid before Xmas but in this case, the child attempts to fulfil his parent’s demands in return that they will buy him/her the latest gadget.


Right, so now that you’ve got your Xmas present or the latest upgrade, you have hit cloud nine. For weeks or even months, the world looks like a better place, society rocks, you have all the solutions to all problems, even to the two-state solution of Israel and Palestine. But then gradually as the weeks pass away, you find yourself less engaged with your purchase. Your lively manner has mellowed out, your frequent smiles have disappeared, you’ve stopped your reading of daily prayers, and before you know it you are back to where you started from. Back to searching for the next hit, that will try to get you high.

So the moral of the story is that money does create an illusive deceptive temporal of the idea of what it means to be happy. But happiness cannot be attained by just the mere purchase of consumer products or the constant thought of accumulating more money. Instead, you must realise that happiness is all around you, and the more you think of the taken for granted position in western society, the more you will appreciate life.


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