What to do when you hit 40. 3: Write a To Do List and GO TO THE GYM!!

Some have said that 40 is the age to re-evaluate your life. To ask yourself where you want to go in the next 40 years. However, before embarking on writing a to do list on your iPhone, in the next coming weeks, you need to take the time out to think and write down what you haven’t achieved since you were 20 years old. And no i don’t mean that you have to write something like ‘have to go to a rave and drop an E’ or ‘do freestyle on top of a mountain with your BMX without the front brakes’, you can, it’s up to you, but you will be putting yourself and others at risk. Instead, you should accept that some things require physical and mental strength, time and money (which you don’t have, especially with work and family to look after) which you may not have anymore.

So what things do i put down on the to-do list? Well for me, i would first put down going to the gym. I may not have the aspiration anymore to have a body like Peter Andre or Brad Pitt, but that shouldn’t put you off trying to get fit. Fit in the sense that you will try to lose the extra pounds that you have gained since your mid 30s, try to build up your cardio, which is difficult, especially for myself who hasn’t engaged in any real physical activity. In essence, going to the gym, will not be your goal to attract women, (it’s up to you, if married be extra careful), the real incentive should be that you are not getting younger anymore, and that you have put on mileage in the last 20 years, and if the body is not maintained and serviced regularly, then you are looking at trouble, which will not only cause distress to yourself but your partner and your kids. So really you are doing this for yourself and your family.

It not easy going to the gym. Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of books, audio, You Tube vids ‘that tell you that you can do it’. Then you have people like Tony Robbins do all the prep talk, mesmerise you, get you motivated and when it comes to the crunch you just tell yourself I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll do it when the weather is good, or I’ll go on a diet first and then i’ll go to the gym…Trust me, I’ve been through that.

Just because of laziness and unhealthy lifestyle I’m on a high dose of statins to control my cholesterol, and if i ignore it any longer i’m going to become a statistic of alongside other middle age men having a heart attack or stroke.

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