What to do when you hit 40. 2: Keep it fresh by having an Instagram Account.

For some by the time they have reached 40, they have a more holistic understanding of their position in this chaotic complex social world. However, for some, like me, we are still in that coming of age, late teenage period, where we are attempting to understand how the world works. Some of us, like myself, still are buying our clothes from trendy young men’s fashion retailers such as Asos, River Island, Topman, JD Sports…we love our skinny jeans with our white adidas RUN DMC trainers…Even though sometimes we can’t find our sizes, because they cater for the thin to medium build, twenty-something boy or girl, we still feel that we are young and trendy, and that we will never age.



Social media, especially on Instagram, in some sense has allowed anyone regardless of their age, as long as they have a fit, tanned, tattooed body, with bleached shining white set of dentures, to express themselves freely without worrying about age.



So yes, there is some truth when celebrities say that 40 is the new 20. Further, like me if you are out of shape, let something like Instagram be your inspiration to keep you young and trendy. Don’t let anyone put you down, and say your an old man or a woman.

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