Centre-Right Sociology

In a climate of anxiety and fear, insecurity, austerity, the rise of nationalism, the attack on science by religion, the ethnic, racial and sexual divisions in the spotlight, and the question of what future we want is up for grabs in the public eye. Instead of groups such as Britain First, or Al Mahajaroon, attempting to dictate the narrative in the media, we should rather be giving airtime to academics, third sector workers, public sector workers to identify risks and highlight social and political problems and to have a real crossover discussion in how best to provide solutions to these problems.


Sociologists should take a more vigorous outspoken centrist approach in providing an insight into how social conditions can produce human sufferings. In which these individual sufferings, stemming from structural origins, can be seen as a private problem which can manifest into a public problem. To address social problems that we face today in the 21st century, sociology needs to look hard at itself in the mirror, and ask itself, ‘is it still trapped in a Marxist bubble?’

Sociologists have to not only incorporate left ideals and but also have to take on board the centre right model.


There is a risk of backlash if academics to adopt this approach. The path to a new ‘centre-right sociology’ will not be easy, it might be seen as a cruel, insensitive, treacherous suicide, and as an attack on its founders and its core beliefs. The journey to a new place is never so simple, there will be obstacles in the way, there will be causalities, but the hope of understanding society and providing solutions to social problems shall never be above shoulders than the political spectrum one holds. Sociology from its humble origin was always concerned with conducting research with an open mind, regardless of race, religion, personal experience… like its cousin, the natural sciences, its aim was to search for truth through experiments and research which would shape human life for the better. And this core belief should remain to be the central tenet of sociology.




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