What to do when you hit 40. 1: ‘Start an angry blog about life’.

So you been a Marxist, a raver, a labour activist, anti- war demonstrator… But once you hit 40, you undo one notch of your belt to make room for your pot belly, and sit down in a cosy isolated corner of your house, away from the kids and the wife, with a warm cup of Nescafe Latte, where you will direct your new age anger in cyberspace. With your Macbook, with the sex pistols playing in the background, you will attempt to reach out to others, sometimes in a discrete manner, under the character of your made up profile, a new identity that will give license to roam the web without putting yourself into much danger about your political and social views. I will shout timidly to myself, ‘THUG LIFE till i die!’, throwing up the West Coast sign, yeah!!!

Tupac Shakur

I will always be a rebel! with my Tupac or Acid House T-shirt, and my classic RUN DMC white superstar trainers with the tongue out, with the display of my proud ink, i shall not fear anyone. That is until the wife calls me and says ‘are you going to move your lazy bum, or do i have to go Sainsbury’s alone?’



This is the first series of post from ‘What to do when you hit 40’. I will keep you posted weekly. Please, leave a comment or a like.



  1. I hit 40 a few years ago and can relate to what you say 100%, am I the only one walking around with my navy blue puma suedes with white crazy laces and my streetsounds electro t-shirt ???

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