Going cold turkey for the iPhone X (Velvet Underground)

This weeks release of the new iPhone X has forced me to write a post on my blog since last year. Yes, that’s right, the last time that I posted something was in early 2016! Well, a lots a happened since 2016, the inauguration of President Trump, Brexit, Corbynmania, fidget spinners…and 2017 hasn’t been boring, especially in the tech world.

After the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in October, things looked dull, the critics reviewed the handsets with a lukewarm embrace. To tell you the truth the handsets not only looked like the previous year models, but they looked like the original iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from 2014. Three years are a long time in the mobile market, especially without any real change to the physical build of the handset. The only change was the controversial decision took by Apple to get rid of the headphone jack last year. What the public was really waiting for was the release of the iPhone X. And we weren’t disappointed.

I initially missed out the chance for preordering the handset through the Apple store. When I did the get the chance, my basket was reading a delivery date in December. December!! Bloody hell! I may as well go and hibernate for the winter. I do not have the patience to wait. So, I browsed online and picked up the iPhone X for a heavy tag!!! I mean I was one of the lucky one to get hold of the handset early for a cheaper price, a day after placing the order, the handset had reached an eye-watering £2000 price tag on sites such as eBay. Yes, £2000!!! What a whopper!!!!

The three days before the arrival of the iPhone, were agonisingly long and dreary. Its like when you’ve got the flu or fever, and the night just drags on and on and on. All i kept doing in my free time was watching You Tube, reading early reviews and predictions. To others this may seem monotonous or eccentric behaviour, but to me it was a way of keeping my anxiety away. The night before, was the worse, all i kept doing was tossing and turning, kept looking at the clock, thinking what case to drop on the phone. Probably went to the toilet a dozen times. I just waiting to get my hands on the new iPhone X. It was like going cold turkey.

Daylight broke, i washed, ate and watched television. Every 10 minutes or so, i would be glimpsing through the blinds waiting for the postman to arrive. I mean i was so taken over by the wait of the phone, that i dare not go to the toilet to relieve myself, incase i missed the knock on the door by the postie.

Then at 11am, the angels came down from heaven and knocked on my door, well it wasn’t the angels, but in my state i could have mistaken my local postie for an angel, or to think again, he does look like Father Xmas with that big white beard. Anyway, to cut the story short (Spandau Ballet song, my favourite) i unboxed the iPhone, rubbed it against my skin, held it, set it up and slammed the bumper case on it, and hid it from any prying eyes. So there, i got my fix, put on velvet undergound (heroin) and i was the happiest person in the word and i sang out loud

 When I’m rushing on my run
And I feel just like Jesus’ son

Just to alert my readers, i’m not glorifying the use of illegal drugs. Keep away from illegal drugs, they destroy your life, and in some cases they kill you. Technology is also the new 21st century drug, too much of it and you will miss the ‘real’ life pass away in front of you. Thanks for reading, please subscribe, or give me a bigs thumb up like and keep smiling.


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