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Ray Honeyford: A Martyr of Multiculturalism?

Most of you probably never heard of Ray Honeyford. However, back in 1984, Mr Honeyford, a headmaster of a Bradford school caused a stir in the public domain when addressing cultural and religious differences, differences between the mainstream liberal culture and the South Asian culture of mainly Pakistani descent. In an article in the Salisbury […]

What Sociologists Mean when They Talk about Assimilation

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Assimilation (cultural assimilation) is the process by which different cultural groups become more and more alike. When full assimilation is complete, there is no distinguishable difference between the formerly different groups. Assimilation is often discussed in terms of minority immigrant groups coming to adopt the culture of the majority and…

Empiricism and Rationalism — . . . karena membaca . . .

Introduction Is our knowledge based on experience, or is it based solely on reason? European philosophers, such as Plato, Descartes, and Hume have been discussing this question. The present writing tackles the question in a very broad and basic fashion. Empiricism Empiricism is the philosophical stance according to which the senses are the ultimate source […] […]

Never trust a p*** with a kid: why I refuse to interact with white Yorkshire people

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There’s a big “I love tommy Robinson” March in Leeds today. Leeds, allegedly the fourth largest city in England. I find that hard to believe, but google says it’s true. And it’s big, btw. It isn’t a few people. It isn’t a few hard line crazies. It’s more people than were…

Bloody Religions

With the rise of political islamism contributing to some resorting to global islamic terrorism around the globe, there is the reappearance of the notion that ‘religion is inherently violent’, that religion and war go like the automobile and its driver. Religion and violence appeared as early as the Ancient Sumeria, earliest civilisation found in Mesotoptamia […]